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The following pages outline some of the events that MTRO have been associated with.

Old Coach Road


Visit of TRAC – Old Hapuawhenua Viaduct 17/04/1994


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Tangiwai 50th Anniversary – 2003


Tangiwai 50th Anniversary – 2003

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NIMT Centenary


NIMT logo

NIMT Centenary 2008


Main Trunk Rail Ohakune

Main Trunk Rail Ohakune were formed as a group in 1990 when the then Railways Department wanted to sell surplus land at Ohakune and subdivided into sections. An arrangement was made with the Council whereby permission was granted for this and in return the Station and surrounding areas were placed in the hands of the council. This could only be achieved so long as there was some group interested in maintaining the area. – and so PORS ( Preservation Ohakune Railway Station ) was formed latter to become Main Trunk Rail Ohakune.

The Chairman of this group from day one has been Bob Norling, who continues today the struggle to save New Zealand’s Heritage, ably assisted by Errol Vincent and the rest of the team at MTRO.

To date the Group has been instrumental in the following projects.

Ohakune Railway Station – Saving from demolition and restoring it to its former glory. This building has been restored twice now since an arson attack destroyed a large section of the station in 2000. The station has been returned to its original style after the fire.

Foreman of Works Building – Ohakune – Restored to a working building.

Paekakariki North Signal Box – Moved from its old storage site at Paekakariki to Ohakune and Restored for public use.

Ohakune Turntable – Moved from Te Kuiti and returned to Ohakune and restored to a working turntable.

Rangataua Trust Store – moved from its location at Waiouru and transported to Ohakune Yard where it has been restored to a working building.

Hornby Foot Bridge – moved from its location at Paekakariki and transported to Ohakune. – This will be repaired and restored and will then become the bridge for people to use when they start their walk of the Old Coach Road.

Old Coach Road – The proposed restoration of the cobblestone coach road between Ohakune and Horopito has received a Category One classification from the Historic Places Trust. The restoration has also been adopted as part of the Tongariro National Park’s 10-year Management Plan, which is administered by the Department of Conservation.

Tangiwai Disaster Memorial – The group continue the tradition of a wreath being floated down the Whangaehu River every Xmas Eve to commemorate the people who lost their lives at this location. MTRO were also instrumental in ensuring that a suitable memorial be built at the bridge site. This group along with others arranged for a special occasion to mark the 50th Anniversary of the disaster.

Hapuawhenua Bridge Opening 2009


Hapuawhenua Bridge opening 2009

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Main Trunk Rail Ohakune Museum


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Te Pepe Pump Bike Track

te pepe opening

Te Pepe Pump Bike Track

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